About Us

HOLIDAE is an apparel brand of HI COUTURE PVT LTD which exclusively offers collection of holiday clothing for women.
The story of Holidae dates back to 2010 when I realized that I could either wear formals or in formals while traveling for work or holidays. Since I was in the Holiday business, it required me to travel more often. Work being Holidays & Holidays being work is why I always say that Holiday Planning is in our DNA. I passed through many airports within India & Internationally but never did I see anything designed just for Holidays and to a greater extent even for traveling whether for holidays or for work. Whenever I had to travel, I had to choose between either wearing formal clothes or in-formal clothes or a blend of both. Nothing was just right or comfortable for traveling.

The best I could see in designer stores or stores like Harrolds, H&M or Woolsworth was cargo’s and T-shirts or a pair of shorts. After having traveled for almost 5 years I realized that it is time that people would love to buy clothes that were meant for holidays and who could conceptualize this idea better then a holiday makers like us.The decision was made and we decided to launch an exclusive Holiday Wear Brand and name it “Holidae” and since the parent company “Holiday India” was into making Holidays, we decided to retain the first alphabets of Holiday & India for the name of the company. That’s how the company name “HI Couture Pvt Ltd” popped up.

The first step was to decide what kind of holidays are we going to launch and for which segment of the society. The first segment launched under the brand name “Holidae” was for women going to beach destinations on a holiday. We prepared a list of things that a lady would require while on a Holiday on a beach destination like Hawaii or Barcelona or Goa. The next step was to find the designer who could accept the challenge of designing such specialty wear for women. We had to make bikini’s, sarongs, beach party dresses, shorts, kaftans, wrap around’s, skirts, footwear like flip flops that wouldn’t get dirty even if they are worn into the salty sea water. The first team that was hired was of a batch of fresh designers who got down to designing the first launch series for women going to beach holidays. The next step was to setup a manufacturing unit since we couldn’t have stood guarantee to products that were not manufactured by us.

Everyone who walked into our store was not just surprised but was also happy to know that Indian minds could create such a unique concept. Men walked into the store with their wives and wives to be. Though they didn’t like them picking up more the 1 product but they had no choice. The initial success gave us reasons to increase our footprints and we went to the commercial hub of India – Though the sales were not satisfactory but the confidence we saw in each customer who was told about our concept gave us the confidence to keep expanding. The next store came up in Imphal, Manipur.

Since our focus was on offline customers, we had not made any significant effort in making our products available online until 2014. A fresh set of team was hired to launch an online store for “Holidae”. The outcome can now be experienced when you browse through our online store “holidae.in”

The journey for Holidae has just begun and we plan to make this brand a global holiday wear brand by opening 5 stores on International Holiday Destinations & around 10 Holiday Destinations within India. In Addition to the “Women’s Beach Holiday Segment” we are currently developing a new range of “Adventure Wear for Men & Women”. The collection will soon be launched online and in our stores across India.

We are one of the very few global brands that design, manufacture & retail their products through their own channels. We do not outsource any function whether designing or manufacturing to ensure the highest standards of Quality in all our ranges. However we accept that there will always be scope for improvement and we would love to hear from you the feedback you have for us.

Wear Holidae & feel the Holiday